TradeTech Europe 2015 (past event)

April 14-April 15, 2015

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The Rise Of Technology

"I am proud to work for a company that puts fundamental analysis and the value of companies we invest in at the core of the investment process. In Pioneer Investments, we are in favour of technology and we strive to use it to exploit opportunities with the aim of providing a better service to our clients." By Gianluca Minieri, Global Head of Trading, Pioneer Investments

Caught between a block and a hard place

"The increase in broker ATSs has reduced the ability to source large block liquidity." Matt Lyons, global trading manager, The Capital Group.

Low-Latency Distribution of Market Data

Achieving low-latency distribution of market data has become one of the most important factors that determine success in high frequency trading. No matter how fast you can execute, if your market data is delayed relative to competing traders, you will not achieve the expected fill rates.low latency

In spite of its importance, key questions about market data latency have traditionally been hard to answer. How long does it take for market updates to reach your systems? How much capacity will you need to process every update without delay, even when the feed is busiest? What impact do the various connectivity options available have on latency?

Unforeseen Consequences

Rudolf Siebel, Managing Director of German Investment Funds Association BVI questions whether the FCAs recent CSA proposals will improve or harm continental asset managers’ service.

Equity Traders Reveal Top Trends

With a plethora of regulatory change shaking up the European equity market, market participants are on the lookout for how to best prepare and ensure limited impact on their business. Questions around research payments, commission unbundling and best execution are bringing to light concerns about current broker partnerships and what is really adding value in current trading practices.

VIOP - Futures and Options at the Turkish SE

Many are now choosing Turkey as the priority market for investment. This presentation by Borsa Istanbul explains more on:

  • VIOP - Futures and Options Market at the Turkish SE
  • Product Specifications
  • Market Rules and Risk Management
  • Borsa Istanbul - TURKDEX Merger

The FCA And Unbundling

An edited conversation between David Lawton, Director of Markets, FCA and Edward Mangles, Regional Director, Asia Pacfic, FIX Trading Community

Cosy duoplay or a fair fight?

Ask the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), BATS Chi-X Europe, Turquoise and recently launched Aquis about the level of exchange competition in European equities, and you`re likely to get a slightly different answer from each one of them.  

The Growth of Turkey's Capital Markets

Egemen Erden, Executive Vice President of Finans Invest discusses with TradeTech Europe the macro political and economic factors driving the growth of Turkey's capital markets.

He touches on the strategic partnership between Nasdaq OMX and Turkey's Borsa Istanbul to strengthen confidence in the market as well as increase access to an extensive range of high caliber technology.

Let There Be Dark

“The choice of “dark” or “lit” environments, or a combination of the two at any time, and indeed the way you interact with a dark environment, is chiefly dependent on your catalyst for trading.” By Huw Gronow, Head of Equity Trading, Europe and Asia, Principal Global Investors

Buyside Equities Benchmarking Report

Conducted in November 2013, this senior-level survey was tasked with identifying the key challenges, opportunities and industry trends related Buyside to Equities Trading in Europe, focusing on the key areas of Broker Selection, European Regulations and Emerging Markets.

The survey was completed by
58 senior buy side professionals made up primarily of Heads of Trading, CEOs and Senior Management from leading Asset Managers and Hedge Funds.

Emerging Markets Trading

As discussions continue in Europe and the US over whether or not to regulate technology trading, businesses could now be looking further afield towards BRIC countries to see what they might offer in this industry.

Benchmarking Report Reveals Spends and Strategies for 2015

TradeTech conducted the second annual Equities Market Survey with over 60 senior equity buy side traders to offer an industry benchmark around key challenges. This second part addresses the trading technology strategies, budget spends and investments they foresee in 2015.

TradeTech 2014 – Post Show Report

In this post show report you will find detailed information on the TradeTech 2014 conference including audience, testimonials from participants and sponsors, photos of the event and most importantly, how you can be a part of TradeTech 2015.

Apps, Automation and Virtualisation

Marshall Wace are one of Europe's largest hedge funds, which isn't bad considering they started out as little more than an ongoing debate between the two partners and an Excel spreadsheet on Ian Wace's PC, back in 2001. But from such technologically humble beginnings has grown a unique system of ranking stock valuations and capitalising on the variances that, as anyone on a trading desk can tell you, makes Marshall Wace a formidable industry player.

HFT is dead Long Live Quantum Trading

'Zero-latency trading' a reality - 1st quantum computer system for financial industry was reveiled at TradeTech

Quantum computing has been a dream of physicist and sci-fi fans for decades; a form of computing technology that uses individual atoms to transmit and process data at speeds hundreds of times faster than current 'classical' silicon computers. Unsurprisingly, since its unveiling, one of the first industries to monetise the phenomenon is Electronic Trading / Quantum Trading.

Financial IT Infrastructure

IT costs will be increasingly important for firms in the future, as more technologies are used in the progressively more regulated trading sector.

The uptake of such systems will also be supported by the perpetual need for improvements in trading, with firms constantly looking to find ways to reduce costs while maintaining their efficiency.

How can you manage costs?

Benchmarking Report Reveals Equity Traders Challenges for 2015

TradeTech conducted the second annual Equities Market Survey with over 60 senior equity buy side traders to offer an industry benchmark around key challenges. This first part addresses the trading challenges, priorities and opportunities they foresee in 2015.

Is the Buy Side the New Sell Side?

In an exclusive article by Richard Balarkas, a renowned independent consultant and former Global Head of Electronic Trading at Credit Suisse, find out why he thinks the buy-side is overpowering sell-side trading. Read the full article to learn more about what a ‘liquidity bear’ is and why Richard thinks it is the root cause of stress in the financial markets today.

The Future of Clearing: How will it be altered?

As a raft of new regulations is poised to affect people in the finance industry, companies must be aware of how the alterations will affect clearing.clearing houses regulation

New laws will alter how post-trading, pre-settlement credit exposures will be managed, pertaining to processes such as reporting/monitoring, risk margining, tax handling and failure handling.
Therefore, businesses must guarantee that they are aware of the coming laws, and should plan ahead in order to alter their operations accordingly.

Taking the low road?

Trading volumes are falling. Natural crosses are hard to find. Electronic has superseded human for the first time. So what will brokers` differing coverage models deliver to the buy-side?

HFT is a Big Beast

HFT – High Frequency Trading – is a big beast. Big in its impact, big in its footprint and big in its volumes, so without doubt it has had significant impact on the wider trading landscape that it inhabits.

A lively panel debate between several Heads of Trading looking into exactly what that impact is took place at recently.To tell you a little more about precisely what was said we spoke to panellist Huw Gronow, European Head of Equities Trading at Principal Global Investors fresh from the debate to find out.

Sinapore Exchange Launches Co-location Services

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) launched its co-location services in a new data centre in April this year.

TradeTech interviews Ms Tinku Gupta,
Senior Vice President, Head of Market Data & Access of SGX, to find out how things are going and what we can expect from the future.

In pursuit of a moving target

With new regulation putting a strain on banks` ability to provide block liquidity, Fabien Oreve, global head of trading at Candriam Investors Group (and TradeTech panellist), discuss how the buy-side should adapt its trading strategies.

The impact of MiFIR and MiFID II on trading

At TradeTech Europe 2014 we polled attendees from the buy-side, sell-side, exchanges and technology companies on the hot topic of dark pools.

London calling for reform, but is the world listening?

UK regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been pioneering efforts to reform the brokerage industry by creating a clearer delineation between payments for research and execution. But while asset mangers have shown some desire to achieve more transparency on costs, the road to fully unbundled services is littered with obstacles.

The World of Financial Regulation, What's next?

The world of financial regulations is poised for many changes in the upcoming years, from MiFID II/MiFIR to EMIR and even the US-Centric Dodd Frank, the 'Alphabet Soup' as it's been dubbed means that governments across the world will need to be ready to adapt quickly.

Find out what's next in store for the world of financial regulation.

Complete control for the buy-side?

Like many buy-side firms, Invesco puts the broker algos it uses through rigorous testing, ranking strategies via post-trade transaction cost analysis. But, as buy-side firms continue to increase their use and knowledge of algos, the next logical step could be to build fully tailored, proprietary tools.  

What Are the Current Trading Trends and Conditions?

Brian Schwieger, head of EMEA algorithmic execution for Bank of America Merrill Lynch explains that trading in these markets is anything but smooth sailing.